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Nestled between Guadeloupe & Martinique, the lush, unspoiled island of Dominica is one of the Caribbean’s bestkept secrets – at least for now.

Dominica is a haven for eco-adventurers and those seeking to escape the hustle of everyday life. Largely covered by mountains and tropical rainforests, Dominica is a truly breathtaking island – and no one knows that better than Florian Renner, Concierge at the equally beautiful Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica. We recently spoke with Florian to find out how he became a Concierge, and what makes Dominica and Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski so special.


Q: How did your career as a Concierge begin?

FLORIAN RENNER A: First, I would say that I do not fit into the classical picture of a Concierge here on property. I’ve always worked in the Rooms Division department and at the front desk being a touchpoint for all guests and visitors. That automatically made me an ambassador and Concierge for the destination and surroundings. My career in the hospitality industry began back in 2014 as a Trainee at the Adlon Kempinski Berlin, one of the group’s landmark properties. Afterwards, my journey led to Australia where I worked in Sidney for Starwood Hotels & Resorts as Front Office Trainee. I then returned to Germany and joined the Fairmont Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg for two years. My mentor at the time was Concierge Amadeus D’Amore, the hotel’s Chef Concierge, who inspired my future path. I then came back to the Kempinski family in Beijing as a management Trainee and Rooms Division Project Manager. When I’ve heard that Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica was opening, I wanted to take the chance to explore this extraordinary destination to learn more about its people and culture. I really enjoy working with the locals and building a network. Together we create memorable experiences for our guests, and we are also building a whole-new community of professionals working together.

Q: For those unfamiliar with Dominica, what makes it stand out from other islands in the Caribbean?

A: The most distinctive feature of the region surrounding the resort would be its rugged, mountainous terrain that’s ideal for eco-adventurers. Dominica is truly a hidden gem, lush with thick jungle and rich in biodiversity. Hosting a variety of flora and fauna, including many rare plants, animals and bird species, the island is protected by an extensive natural park system that encompasses three national parks, two forest reserves, and the Syndicate Parrot Reserve. Dominica is definitely a destination known for its unspoiled beauty; visitors come to the island not for its white-sand beaches, though there are some, but for its natural wonders, waterfalls, rivers, hot springs, and breath-taking ocean cliffs, among others.

Q: As well, what makes Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica so special?

A: Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica is the island’s first-ever fivestar resort. The resort is hidden away on a peninsula at the northern end of Dominica, close to Cabrits National Park, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It’s a central retreat for those who enjoy nature, “I REALLY ENJOY WORKING WITH THE LOCALS...TOGETHER WE CREATE MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES FOR OUR GUESTS...” adventure, and wellness. We fuse European luxury with the Dominican culture and show the world the beauty of Dominica. Every detail of the guest experience at Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski has been carefully thought out to allow guests to feel, smell, see, hear, and taste what Dominica has to offer. From a culinary perspective, the resort’s three distinctive restaurants feature both local and international cuisine as well as “farm-totable” and “sea-to-table” dining. The 18,000-square-foot Kempinski Spa provides guests indoor and outdoorwellness experiences, bringing them closer to nature, creating a connection with the island’s unique ecosystem. The spa’s comprehensive menu includes treatments inspired by the local culture and sense of place. As Dominica is truly “untouched,” our guests can really experience pure nature. Off property, our guests have easy access to countless rivers, waterfalls, and natural boiling hot springs, as well as diving and snorkeling sites. Viseversa, the Dominicans get a fantastic opportunity to experience European luxury. We open the doors to a whole new world for both locals and visitors.

Q: Where should guests go for an afternoon of sight-seeing, and then for an evening out?

A: I definitely recommend a tour of beautiful Roseau Valley and Trois Pitons National Park; then a hike-through the elfin forest to the Boeri Lake or Fresh Water Lake, a crater lake that was created thousands of years ago by erupting volcanoes. Next, I’d make a refreshing stop at Titou Gorge, where you can swim and climb on the waterfalls; and finally, the majestic Trafalgar Falls. For a spectacular evening out, I highly suggest a sunset catamaran cruise with a dinner at Keepin’It Real restaurant.

Q: Tell us some of the top restaurants on the island that you recommend.

A: Definitely, Keepin’It Real restaurant. I would also recommend Madiba, Le Flambeau, C&D Beach Bar and Grill, the Riverside Café, Le Petit Paris Bakery, and Escape Beach Bar & Grill and Restaurant. All these places offer local cuisine and the pineapple cake at Riverside Café is legendary!

Q: What are some indulgent experiences around Dominica that visitors are certain to love?

A: I would suggest taking a catamaran ride to Batibou Beach or Secret Beach. Also, a picnic lunch at Sentinel Falls makes for an unforgettable and truly relaxing experience as you enjoy the sounds of nature. For those who want to learn more about the island’s ecosystem and history, I would recommend going on an Indian River rowboat tour of the area. Also, a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Fort Shirley, part of Cabrits National Park, is a must. Fort Shirley is considered Dominica’s most important historic site.

Q: For the ultimate in pampering at Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, what do you suggest?

A: A visit to Kempinski The Spa is a must! The spa features a variety of treatments and massages to nurture mind, body, and soul. Guests can take advantage of their spa experience to the fullest by arriving one to two hours prior to their treatment time to enjoy the Wellness Garden, which includes access to steam and garden sauna.

Q: Fill us in on some of the best kept secrets at Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski and in Dominica?

A: Our best-kept secret is definitely our location. The resort is hidden away on a peninsula at the northern end of Dominica. In comparison to other Caribbean islands, Dominica is an off-the-beaten-path destination that remains truly authentic; you won’t run into massive tourism anywhere on the island, which adds to its charm. Other gems include Toucari Bay Dominica, a very nice area and beach for snorkelling, and Batibou Beach which is simply beautiful. Add to that, Escape Beach close to the Red Rock, the Chocolate Factory in Portsmouth, and Cold Soufriere.

Q: What do you most want travelers to know about Dominica?

A: We live in an age where the demands of work and our personal lives have us on constant overdrive. I want travelers to know that if they are looking to disconnect and connect to nature with just the right amount of adventure; to create human connections – whether it be with friends, with loved ones, or with the island’s exceptionally friendly locals – then, a visit to Dominica is a must! 

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