As we begin to emerge from our various forms of home quarantining to start exploring the world againwe want you to know that our passion for travel remains stronger than ever. In fact, heading out on an adventure is just the thing many of us need. And with so many great destinations around the globe and close to home waiting to rekindle your love of discovery, we believe it’s time to take back your vacation and head out on a safe and uplifting journey. 

In this issue of The Affluent Traveler we’re once again taking you far and wide to many incredible destinations that are certain to inspire your inner explorer. For a great vacation that’s close to home, there’s nothing more memorable or iconic than the great American road trip. Our feature story will take you on a musical road journey to three of our favorite cities – Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans. Should a far flung adventure be of the utmost necessity, we’ll  also visit some of the top Greek islands that offer up vacation thrills of epic proportions.  

Along the way we’ll help you find your own island paradise in the Caribbean, fill you in on where to find the ultimate well-being getaway in the Southwest, and update you on what some of the top travel providers are doing to keep their guests safe, happy, and healthy.  

Know that deciding where to travel doesn’t have to be challenging or confusing. No matter if you’re ready to hit the road today, tomorrow, or sometime in the near future, the travel advisors of The Affluent Traveler Collection are ready to help you plan an unforgettable travel experience every time.    

Safe travels and see you in the airport soon! 

Nicolé Mazza


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