Before sending our latest edition of The Affluent Traveler to press, we reached out to readers wanting to know about their recent travels and where they were planning to go next. While many cited cabin fever, boredom, and a change of scenery as the reasons for them traveling again, others stated that it was for their overall well-being – and “sanity” as one reader put it. After reading all the responses, it’s clear that globetrotters are finally breaking free from their daily routines and enjoying safe and fun travel experiences across the world. In fact, many the destinations and travel experiences featured in this edition were suggested by readers just like you.

From exploring the natural beauty of Croatia and South Africa to choosing the right itinerary for the ultimate world cruise voyage, we’re going all out with some of the most incredible journeys we’ve ever featured. We’ll also help you discover a new array of luxury tours throughout the Azores, Montana, Spain and Morocco, and tell you where you can find some of the most scenic hiking trails for enjoying Mother Nature’s most spectacular treasures. All this and much more is waiting for you in this issue of The Affluent Traveler!

If you’re ready to commit to making travel memories again, do what savvy travelers and major corporations do and consult The Affluent Traveler Collection advisor for all your travel needs. They’re perfectly positioned to cut through all the misleading information surrounding travel today no matter where or how you choose to travel.

Safe and happy travels! 

Nicolé Mazza

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